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What Is a Flue?

As we burn fuel, we produce gases including carbon dioxide and water vapour, as well as solid particles that are made as a byproduct depending on the fuel that is being burnt. Appliances that burn wood and solid fuel need to have a flue so they can have the necessary oxygen to allow them to keep burning. The flue is also responsible for removing these particles from the cooker to the outside of the home.

chimney stacks

A flue is often part of a chimney, but there are other options. The flue can even be made to reach outside through a wall. 

The flue on a cooker has a very important job to perform; when the stove is running, the moisture is removed from the food, and is carried by the flue to the exterior of the house. This will keep condensation from building up in the kitchen and eliminate the need to have a window open in the kitchen to let this condensation out.

Wood Burning Stoves

The installation of a wood burning stove should be done by a professional. It needs to comply with the J section of the building regulations. If a HETAS professional does not install the wood burning stove, it needs to be installed by someone from the Building Control Department. If it is not installed properly, deadly carbon monoxide gas could lead to fatal consequences.

A wood-burning stove needs to be fitted with a flue liner. When looking for a wood burner, it is wise to speak with the supplier about the flue liner and its function. The fire will depend on using the correct wood burner and the correct flue opening. If the burner and the opening do not match, a great deal of energy is being wasted.   

Wood burning stoves are easy to use; the wood or the solid fuel is put into the chamber. At this time it is set on fire, and the smoke and fumes will leave the burner through the flue to be released outside the house. It is important that heat is not allowed to escape through a gap in the design.  Wood burners can use wood or other forms of solid fuel. This includes coal which is known to be able to produce a lot of heat. 

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