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Guide to Solid Fuel for Rayburn Stoves

Solid Fuel is considered to be the most efficient and reliable method used in fuelling and heating many homes. While traditionally the only option of solid fuel was firewood,  there are now several manufactured smokeless fuel options you can choose from, each with a unique set of properties suitable for a variety of homes. Although a solid fuel burner will immediately start to generate heat, for the best results it's recommended to leave it burning overnight.

Rayburn solid fuel cookers offer maximum flexibility, economy and performance through a clever combination of air intakes and levers. 

In most cases, solid fuel Rayburns can be fuelled with following:

  • Carbon neutral wood
  • Manufactured smokeless fuels
  • Compressed heat logs
  • Peat briquettes
  • Natural wood

blue rayburn cooker

Wood Fuel

If you would like to use wood as a fuelling option, it's not as simple as cutting down a tree and throwing it straight into the fire. You should always ensure that the firewood has been thoroughly dried. You can purchase burner-ready firewood or dry using a kiln. Here's a few tips to tell if your firewood is dry:

  • The cuts ends of completely dry wood are warm, while freshly cut wood is often cold and damp
  • Dry firewood has cracks at the end, though this depends on whether it is softwood or hardwood
  • Dried firewood are much lighter than freshly cut woods
  • When you knock pieces of dry wood together, a hollow sound indicates that the logs are completely dry
  • Dry firewood is much easier to catch fire; they also don't produce as much smoke

open burning log fire

Sustainable Fuel

Scientifically, it is proved that firewood is an environmentally responsible fuel. Unlike fossil fuel, it is more convenient and sustainable as a fuel source. Burning wood is considered to be carbon-neutral as the amount of carbon released is equal to the amount of carbon absorbed by the tree over its lifetime. Furthermore, wood is a sustainable and renewable resource unlike fossil fuels / oil.

Rayburn Eco-Connect

In recent years, Rayburn has developed an automated panel by the name of Eco-connect. It is an intelligent link-up device between a solid fuel appliance with a plumbing system and other automatic devices. Eco-connect operates automatically and is very biased in taking energy from a renewable source. If the renewable appliance cannot meet the demand of the hot water heating system, then the panel will enable an alternative source, such as electricity, to provide the energy required. Priority is always given to the greenest fuel source.

Rayburn cookers are iconic traditional style stoves which can be used for efficient cooking and central heating for your home. If you would love to own a Rayburn cooker for a fraction of the price of buying a new stove, you can benefit from a reconditioned Rayburn. Follow the link below to find out how much you can save.