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Running Costs of a Rayburn

Many people think that Rayburn cookers have to be always turned on, but this is just another common misconception. Some oil-fired Rayburns have an automatic thermostat control while other types of fuel that have timers that can be programmed. The Rayburn will only follow the functions that it is set for. Before getting the Rayburn, you should discuss the heating requirements with an engineer so that you get the right model of range to suit the needs of your home.  

A Rayburn will provide the most amount of heat while using the least amount of fuel possible. The unit is designed with cast iron so that it will hold the heat in and slowly release this heat into the home. 

There have been advances made over the years to make these units more energy efficient. The ranges can be programmed for control over cooking, heating, and using hot water. This unit is now fully customisable to meet a variety of the customer's needs.

rayburn cooker installed

Energy Efficiency

The Rayburn is designed to store in the heat using traditional materials and modern designs. They will produce a great deal of heat and save money on running costs. The Rayburn can be used for cooking, for heating, and for hot water. It is more efficient being used for all of these purposes than having devices that run separately. 

The 'AGA effect' will create an energy source and works similar to a conventional radiator. This can be used for many household tasks including drying clothing to proving incubation to farm animals, and it will not cost anything extra. 

rayburn cooker in working house

Costs of Running the Rayburn

The Rayburn runs off of many different types of fuel, and you will be able to find the model that best fits the needs of your home. If you are using the Rayburn for hot water or heating, you can find a heating engineer that will show which model is right for your home and how much money you will be able to save.

If you operate a cooker only Rayburn, you can follow the table of energy consumption with figures based on a running time of five hours. The radiator or central heating system will put out 1.5 kW an hour and will be shut off automatically when the Rayburn is running. They will help save money, and the heat will stay in the room hours after the Rayburn has been turned off. You will also save money when running small appliances such as a microwave or toaster.

Rayburn cookers are iconic traditional style stoves which can be used for efficient cooking and central heating for your home. If you would love to own a Rayburn cooker for a fraction of the price of buying a new stove, you can benefit from a reconditioned Rayburn. Follow the link below to find out how much you can save.