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Rayburn Stove Installation

The first step before having a Rayburn stove installed, is to have a site survey carried out by a Rayburn qualified installer. This will ensure the proper Rayburn product that meets your needs and requirements is selected. A Rayburn must only be installed, commissioned, and serviced only by a heating engineer trained and experienced to work with Rayburn and AGA cookers.

installing a rayburn unit

Oil fired Rayburn needs to be installed by an engineer who is OFTEC registered and those holding valid certifications. 

A HETAS engineer should install the Rayburn if it is solid fuel. 

The local Building Control Office must be notified if someone else is installing the Rayburn in accordance with current Building Regulations (England and Wales).

If you have an installation of certain Rayburn products (66K, 680K, 699K, 680KCD, & 480CD) done by a Rayburn engineer, you may receive an extended warranty. 

Before connecting your Rayburn to a flue, whether it is a new flue or one that has been used before, the flue must be cleaned. It must have all soot and other loose materials removed. Rayburns can be purchased to work with your central heating unit, or as your cooking unit only.  

Rayburn Trivia

  • They are made from 70% recycled materials
  • Farm animals can be incubated in them
  • Herbs can be dried in a Rayburn
  • The same company makes Rayburns and AGA stoves
  • Grilling can be done on top of the main oven
  • You can melt butter or warm ingredients on top of a Rayburn
  • You can loosen tough jar lids in seconds on the hot plate

Many components of a Rayburn are built by hand and the units are believed by many to be the best heating units available in the world.

brown rayburn in showroom

Rayburn cookers are iconic traditional style stoves which can be used for efficient cooking and central heating for your home. If you would love to own a Rayburn cooker for a fraction of the price of buying a new stove, you can benefit from a reconditioned Rayburn. Follow the link below to find out how much you can save.