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Rayburn Cooking

Whether you want a slow-cooked meal, a delicious pastry or a perfectly-cooked steak, trust your Rayburn cooker to make you the master chef in your home. Its hotplates, couple with insulated lids offer you enough surface area to switch from a gentle simmer to a rapidly boiling dish, without any hassle.

The large oven ensures you can bake multiple items at once due to its capacity. Besides, it has a vent and control unit that enables you to adjust temperatures accordingly, whichever meal you are cooking. So, if you are planning to master your cookery skills, then you must indulge in Rayburn cooking for the ultimate experience.  The kind-to-food technology that seals all the flavours and moisture in the food to create a healthy and delicious dish for you and your family.

roast dinner
cake served in a cafe

The sizeable cast-iron oven incorporates a controllable feature which enables you to control temperatures depending on the meal you are cooking. If you are hosting your neighbours for a tasty barbecue, the meat tin and grill rack will help you prepare finger-licking roasts. Also, if you intend to bake for your kid's party, then the oven shelves will ensure your cakes and muffins are of top-notch quality. The upside of this oven is that you will never have to deal with the aftermath of every smell of food cooked because it cleans themselves and eliminates any odours.

The oven's lower part also affords you the luxury of choosing between warming or cooking. It is especially ideal for slow cooking since its temperatures are half of the main oven. You can, therefore, put your steak in there to warm before carving it out, or steam some vegetables.

The top of the main oven where you can grill whichever food delights your palate. Besides, you will not have to bother with cleaning any grilling fats because once they splash onto the hotplate, it carbonises them to leave dust that can be wiped away. 

Traditional style Rayburn cookers are iconic stoves which can be used for efficient cooking and central heating for your home. If you would love to own a Rayburn cooker for a fraction of the price of buying a new stove, you can benefit from a reconditioned Rayburn. Follow the link below to find out how much you can save.