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20 Facts You Didn't Know About Rayburn Burners

That Rayburn cookers are great for cooking delicious and succulent meals is not in doubt. They are however able to perform a host of other alternative chores. We've compiled a list of 20 Rayburn functions you didn't know before:

installed aga rayburn cooker

1) Large Oven Size

On the whole, the oven is so large that it can accommodate a complete 28-pound (13 kg) turkey. This makes it suited for preparing large dishes conveniently and within the shortest time possible.

11) Wood Fuel

Rather than using gas or electricity, these cookers derive their power from wood fuel. They are thus carbon-neutral and exude the same amount of Carbon dioxide as those that are absorbed by a typical tree during growth.

2) Properly Ventilated

Throughout the oven are vents that channel out exhaust gases from the oven to the exterior portions. This also helps to preserve the flavours in your meal.

12) High Power Output

The smallest Rayburn cooker which is the 200 Series can power 2 to 3 radiators as well as acting as a cooking appliance. The largest, which is the 700 Series can power around 20 radiators!

3) Safe and Comfortable

They are designed in such a way that they minimise the smell of the food in the house. It is therefore very comfortable to utilise and make good use of.

13) Energy Efficient

They are equipped with the eco-connect feature which prioritises renewable sources and only turns the oil burner when it is absolutely essential.

4) Able to Make Tea and Coffee

With these cookers, you will be able to prepare both tea and coffee simply by using the Rayburn hotplate to do this. You can additionally use the top plate to keep your drinks warm.

14) Dissipates Heat Safely

If and when the solid fuel appliance over-fires accidentally, the Rayburn cookers dissipate the excess heat safely courtesy of the eco-connect feature.

5) Can Incubate Animals

Other than preparing awesome dishes, you will also be able to incubate animals in the ovens of the Rayburn cookers. Examples of these are chicks and other forms of poultry.

15) Melts and Warm Ingredients 

Courtesy of the gentle warmth feature which sits atop the cooker, it is possible for you to warm or melt the frozen ingredients in the preparation of their use in cooking.

6) Drying Herbs

By use of its medium heat intensity capability, you will also enjoy the benefit of drying herbs and other kinds of vegetables.

16) Eco-friendly

By their sheer design and makeup, the Rayburn cookers are all geared towards the use of renewable resources to run and operate.

7) Warms Food Automatically

After preparing your food, these cookers can also keep them warm automatically without your input. They are designed in such a manner as to detect that need and make appropriate adjustments.

17) Easier to Engage

All factors considered, the Rayburn cookers are easier to engage. In particular, you will be able to loosen the lids of the jar on the Rayburn hotplate within only 10 seconds.

8) 70% Recyclable Materials

A whopping 70% of each Rayburn cooker is made of recyclable materials. These include such materials as drain covers, lamp posts, old machinery, and old cast iron cookers.

18) Drying the Laundry

Another bonus in using these cookers is the fact that you can dry your washings. The closed lid of the hotplate is the one you will utilise for this task.

9) Grills Meat

These ovens are also able to grill meat. This is made possible by the top of the main oven. It does bring about fine and nicely grilled meats on the whole.

19) Aid in Dishwashing

They also have the ability to dry the metallic cutlery like peelers, knives, and graters. In so doing, they also forestall the rusting process.

10) Self-cleaning

By containing flat splashes that are carbonised, the ovens are self-cleaning. They, therefore, demand less effort, time, and resources on your part to keep clean and tidy.

20) Expedites the Melting of Honey

If your jar of honey has gone cloudy, simply leave it overnight on the top plate of your Rayburn for perfectly clear honey when you return the next morning.

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