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Caring For Your Rayburn Cooker

Any appliance that you want to serve you for long needs regular servicing and maintenance and a Rayburn cooker is no different. Caring for your Rayburn Cooker does not have to be a hectic job when Rayburn Engineers are available to service it. Obviously, who better to trust with keeping your cooker working for its entire lifespan than a qualified and trained engineer?

cream coloured rayburn cooker

Cleanliness goes a long way in maintaining your appliance; fortunately, you cooker has its way of maintaining cleanliness. 

The hotplate, main and hot ovens carbonise spills and splashes leaving carbon dust which you can wipe off. However, sometimes the spills may stick to the surface, making them hard to remove. In that case, do not shy away from taking a brush and scrub the plain cast-iron components. 

The secret to avoiding the brushes is to wipe off splashes and spills immediately, especially necessary for milk and fruit juice spills whose acidity can harm the enamel. The vitreous enamel cannot survive a hard scrub so use a damp, soft cloth. You should also invest in a specialist enamel cleaner and avoid using a cold, wet cloth. However, you can use a wet cloth to clean the handrail and polished insulating lids and finish off with a clean, dry cloth to maintain the polished look.

Spills can sometimes stay on the cooker for too long, and the heat bakes them. When this happens, do not use oven cleaners to remove the spill, instead, use a soap-filled soft pad. A coarse pad will scratch the enamel, leaving an unsightly cooker. Painted handrail brackets should only clean it with a soap-filled pad since anything abrasive will damage it. 

The oven can become dirty too, so to clean the oven doors' inner lining and insulating lids use a cream cleanser. If the stains are too stubborn for the cleaner, a soap-filled pad will do the trick though it will leave some marks on the lining. Liquids that spill around and beneath the hotplates should not worry you because they will evaporate without causing any damage. You can also clean any dust that accumulates on the burner door using a soft brush. 

Servicing a Rayburn is important for keeping it working correctly. If you would love to own a Rayburn cooker for a fraction of the price of buying a new stove, you can benefit from a reconditioned Rayburn. Rayburn cookers are iconic traditional style stoves which can be used for efficient cooking and central heating for your home. Follow the link below to find out how much you can save.