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Using A Rayburn For Central Heating

Have you considered the benefits of heating your house with a Rayburn? In addition to making tasty food, some models of Rayburn cookers can provide central heating in the house. A small model can easily support 2-3 radiators, ideal for a small domestic household. For a model with combined cooking and heating elements, it is possible to cook without using the central heating. 


Oil has been, and still is, very popular as a fuel source in Rayburn cookers in many homes. 1.5 million people still use oil in the UK. Oil is economical and efficient in central heating, cooking and water heating. When buying oil, consider getting the big tank as compared to the smaller tanks throughout the year because it is cheaper. To fuel efficiently, keep the tank adjacent to your home.

Solid Fuels

You can use manufactured smokeless fuel or natural, carbon-neutral wood in any Rayburn that can run on solid fuel. Using a solid fuel Rayburn in heating home is less costly and more environmentally friendly as burning wood releases the same carbon dioxide amount as it would while decomposing naturally. You'll additionally not be affected when there is a power cut or supply failure.

Rayburn Running Costs

Rayburn boilers are among the most efficient systems. You need a qualified heating engineer to determine how much it will cost to run your central heating system using a Rayburn. The cost will depend on house size and type. 

Rayburn cookers can also contribute to saving costs in your home by completing tasks such as keeping food warm or drying dishes and clothes. You may not require a radiator in the kitchen because a Rayburn cooker produces heat efficiently and slowly in the room.  A reconditioned Rayburn model is often made of 70% recycled materials, increasing their efficiency.

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Rayburn Cooker Installation

Cooker installation must be done in the right way to guarantee safety and proper connection; f uel installation must only be done by a qualified professional. 

Oil-fired Rayburns: it should be installed by an Oil Firing Technical Association (OFTEC) registered engineer. A completion certificate is required to certify that the cooker has been installed properly and is safe for use.
Solid-fuel Rayburns: they should be installed by a Heating Equipment Testing and Approval Scheme (HETAS) engineer.

Rayburn Servicing Engineer 

A fully trained engineer should service your Rayburn once or twice a year. You can easily get Rayburn Engineers in the UK who can do the job for you. Also, ensure the Rayburn parts used are genuine. 

For a wood burning or solid fuel cooker, you need to sweep the chimney and clean flues regularly. Your manufacturer will give you instructions on how to do this.

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